A shared community of exceptional stylists, aspiring business owners

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Stylist Excel is a shared studio space and teaching hub for Sisterlocks™️ Consultants and educators in the beauty industry located in Atlanta, Georgia. Our mission is to support and encourage aspiring stylists in Atlanta to grow their businesses and achieve their career goals. Our space is equipped with everything a Sisterlocks™️ stylist needs on a flexible basis as part of our mission to support a growing and aspiring community.  Our community also includes leading educators for other hair techniques that cross over and enhance the Sisterlocks™️ Consultants’ knowledge base.

By being at Stylist Excel you are part of supportive community of talented, creative, and knowledgeable people who will help push your business to where you want it to be. We believe in education and continuous growth and our founder, Roselee, offers an exceptional Sisterlocks™️ training experience. By being a Sisterlocks™️ consultant in training you will have the opportunity to learn on the job and from the best in the field of Sisterlocks™️ from excellent technique to creative styling. . You will also receive valuable business advice to help build your business into a profitable and exciting venture.


Sisterlocks™️ Mentorship Program

Education is at the heart of Stylist Excel. We empower women and embrace growth. Our founder Roselee, is on a journey to share her passion and knowledge about embracing a natural hair style with Sisterlocks. Roselee, brings years of valuable experience in the Sisterlocks training world and is on a mission to transfer her knowledge to eager stylists.

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