5 things you should know before installing Sisterlocks with your hair

Getting extensions or weaves established into your hair can be costly and damaging to your natural hair. An alternative hairstyle is getting sisterlocks. Sisterlocks help you embrace your natural curls without using any harsh chemicals or risk of potential hair loss or hair breakage. When getting this specific hairstyle (like every other hairstyle) it is apparent to know how to care and maintain sisterlocks. Before getting sisterlocks you should know the following:

1. There is a difference between regular locs and sisterlocks

It is very important to know the difference between regular locs and sisterlocks so that it is easier to decide which style is best for your hair type. Though both the locs end up looking similar in the mature stage, it starts out with a different look.

2. Don’t wash your hair too often
The early stages of sisterlocks are very crucial. However, washing your hair is good for hair growth. It is advised to wait for 4 weeks till you wash your hair for the first time. At this stage your sisterlocks reach the mature stage and can withstand the moisture. After this you can wash your hair once in 2 weeks.

3. Color your hair before getting your sisterlocks done
Who doesn’t like colored hair? But if you are planning to install sisterlocks, we would advise you to color your hair before getting the sisterlocks done. However, if you decide to color your hair pst-installation then you probably might have to wait for at least a year after installation or once they are set.

4. You don’t need to cut your hair before getting sisterlocks

There really is no specific length your hair has to be before getting sisterlocks. As long as you have at least 1½ inches of natural hair starting at the root you can get sisterlocks. It is also not recommended for you to wear extensions when getting sisterlocks as it can damage your hair when installing sisterlocks.

5. You can style your hair after installing sisterlocks
The beauty of having sisterlocks that the braids are so small and thin that they are perfect to maneuver and style the way that you like. There are many different way to style hair with sisterlocks installed. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your curls!

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