Differences between Sisterlocks and Regular locs

There is a difference between regular locs and sisterlocks

It is very important to know the difference between regular locs and sisterlocks so that it is easier to decide which style is best for your hair type. Though both the locs end up looking similar in the mature stage, it starts out with a different look. Before we know the difference between, let’s understand the 5 stages of hair locks.

1. Starter: This is the pre-lock phase or the infancy stage. You can choose any from several styles that will eventually w into locks. Most people start with finger coils.

2. Budding: At this stage you will notice the growing of buds and the coils will start washing out. Your hairstyle at this point will be puffy.

3. Teen: This stage is very similar to your teenage life stage. You will notice a lot of changes in your loc You have to be strong to take criticism as your locks will start growing at this point and your coils are completely sprouted. Enjoy this phase as you will soon be entering into the mature stage.

4. Mature: Your hair gth is consistent at this stage. You will reach at this stage after 18 months or so. Your locks will be of a thick cylindrical shape. Also, you will now enjoy shampooing and conditioning your hair.

5. Rooted: This is the beyond maturity stage where your locks are now placed firmly in place. You will notice some hair shedding at this point. Trim your locks at a manageable length and follow a proper care routine of the roots which we will explain in our upcoming blog.

Now let’s look the difference between the traditional locks and the sister locks

Traditional hair locks methods are adapted from the Rastafarian culture and are most commonly done by Palm rolling using a gel or any softening material. It usually takes months to reach the mature stage. Traditional locks requires twisting of the hair roots which grow into hair locks. One must be patient during this phase.

However, Sister locks are smaller than traditional locs and uses smaller portions of your hair. You can have the mature sisterlocks look within a few visits of your hair locking session. You do not use any kind of softening gel for installing sisterlocks. Instead, it is done by using a special tool. So sisterlocks allows you to have the lock look without actually going through the phases.

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