Cutting Your Hair Before Getting Sisterlocks Installed

It is not necessary for one to cut their hair before getting sisterlocks. The sisterlocks can be done with your relaxed hair as long as there’s at least 1 ½ inches of natural hair at the root. It is really personal preference when it comes to how long or how short you want your hair to be when getting sisterlocks. Since there a variety of different types of sisterlock patterns, no matter what hair type as long as you have a curl or wave to your natural hair you can have sisterlocks can be done.

There is also no need to add extensions to your hair since sisterlocking uses your natural hair. Extensions will only add unnecessary weight to the hair and will add tension to the roots, which could lead to potential hair loss! So do not let the idea of getting sisterlocks with short hair make you feel like your hair will not grow properly. Getting sisterlocks with your natural hair will still allow you hair to grow to its full potential. Do not be worried about sisterlocks damaging or thinning out your hair. The use of sisterlocks will make your hair very resilient to damage or hair loss. There are required chemicals to attain sisterlocks, so your hair will be able to grow and maintain itself naturally.

Overall it is up to you if you want to cut your hair before getting sisterlocks but as mentioned it is not necessary as long as you have the minimum required length to start sisterlocks. There is no need to install extensions into your hair to get this specific hairstyle, as it can damage or interfere with the regular growth of your natural hair. Sisterlocks are a natural and alternative to styling your hair that does not damage your hair in any way.

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