Colouring and Styling Sisterlocks

Coloring Your Hair

If you were thinking of getting your hair dyed it is advised that you get it done before getting sisterlocks installed. This will help decrease the the chances of dryness and breakage, also if you are unsatisfied with your ending color it will be easier to change with your natural unsettled hair.  If you were wanting to dye your hair but currently have sisterlocks go to a salon instead of dying your hair yourself.

Styling Sisterlocks

First things first, it is important that your sisterlocks are installed properly. If your locs are not installed properly it can cause your hair can break, thin around the edges, cause baldness, and cause tension to your hair. Like every other kind of hair it is important to take care and maintain your hairs health. There is no need to use other hair products for your sisterlocks as they can be maintained by your natural oils in your hair.

The biggest advantage to having sisterlocks versus traditional dreadlocks is that because sisterlocks are much thinner and therefore easier to maneuver and can be styled any way that you like. Another good thing with having sisterlocks is that it is easier to attain these locs whereas it could take several months to get the style that you want for the deadlocks. There are many different ways to styling sisterlocks but it also depends on the length of your hair as it can alter the way you should be styling your hair. You can do almost anything to your locs, however if you notice that some individual locs may be thinning do not tie them into knots as it can further the damage to your hair. If you notice any problems with your sisterlocks please go to a salon or see a consultant, avoid doing these things yourself.

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