Daily Tips to Maintaining Sisterlocks

Tip 1: How to handle dryness and itchiness

If your scalp is starting to look a little dry and messy avoid the urge to use moisturizers that will make your hair slippery. Instead mist some water onto your hair, and start putting oil into your hair regularly.

Tip 2: Brushing

Try to avoid wanting to brush your hair with a comb or brush as it can make your sisterlocks look even more tangled and messy. Instead use your hands to comb through your locks, you can also try using a wide tooth comb but be very gentle.

Tip 3: The bed scarf

Before going to bed you should always tie your hair in a scarf as this will prevent hair breakage and will help maintain your hair as you sleep. You should also consider using a satin pillowcase as well to help manage your hair through the night.

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