4 Ways to Style your Sisterlocks™

  1. Center part ombre (@dreadheadd)

This fashion/lifestyle blogger knows what it takes to keep her Sisterlocks looking stylish and up to date.

Center parting your hair is a great way to open up your face, as long as you have some volume to your hair. Make sure your hair isn’t flat, otherwise this look can make your hair appear thinner. To prevent your Sisterlocks from breaking, uncoiling, or looking thin, talk to your Sisterlocksconsultant about how often you should be shampooing. Everyone’s a little different, depending on your skin type and the amount of moisture and shampoo you should be putting in it.

  1. Long, side part chic (@brittania718)

The Sisterlocks™ practitioner knows a thing or two when it comes to maintaining her long locs.

Keeping your locs long can either age you or make you look ten years younger. Fortunately, in Brittany’s case, this hair trend keeps her looking young and stylish. If you visit her Instagram page, you will be blown away by her transformation from short locs to long ones. Don’t let age be the determining factor of the length of your hair, experiment! Keep this style fresh by retightening your locks every 4-6 weeks.

  1. Short, bouncy, and playful

Keeping your locs short can really show off your neck and features. Did you know that Sisterlocks™ can be installed from just an inch and a half of hair? Play up this hairstyle with some fun earrings or a touch of color to show off your femininity. Click here to see ways to care for your Sisterlocks™.

  1. Add an Accessory

Lot’s of bloggers and Instagram stars have been indulging in this fun and creative trend. Add a flower, headband, silk scarf, hat, or even some colorful beads to spice up your look!


Playing around with styles is always fun, but the key to pulling off your Sisterlocks™ is confidence! Stick to the style that makes you feel your best to let your inner beauty shine through. Learn more about all things Sisterlock at their

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