The Difference Between Traditional Locks and Sisterlocks

It can be hard to distinguish the difference between traditional locks and sisterlocks. Is one better than the other? Here's a break down of the three main differences between the hairstyles.

  1. Size

The overall size of sisterlocks is much smaller than traditional locks. Their small size makes it easier to style and feels much lighter on your head. Traditional locks tend to be heavier and thicker, while sisterlocks are skinner and easier to maintain. Sisterlocks can also be referred to as “microlocks”.

    1. Time

    Before you try this trendy hairdo, you should schedule a consultation with a Sisterlocks certified professional to ensure that you are a proper candidate. Initial installation typically takes six hours, compared to traditional. locks which are much quicker to install. To properly maintain your sisterlocks, retightening sessions are required every 4-6 weeks. Although sisterlocks do require regular maintenance from professionals, they’re super easy to deal with in everyday life. Sisterlocks give you much more freedom and versatility than traditional locks, cutting down the time it usually takes to style traditional locks.

    1. Amount of Hair

    Traditional locks require much longer hair to install initially, while Sisterlocks can be installed with only an inch and a half of hair length. Sisterlocks are much thinner and feel more natural than traditional locks. The style allows you to be much more versatile with styling your hair regardless of the overall length.

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