Stylist Excel: Feel the Freedom of a Shared Workspace

Shared workspaces are still a new concept that many people are unfamiliar with. But how does a shared workspace transcend to the beauty industry? The mission for Stylist Excel is to empower stylists to build grow successful, professional businesses together in a shared space. This idea creates a space allowing a community of like minded professionals to network with one another and assist with growth and problem solving.

Some benefits of a shared workspace include:

structure, more efficiency, community and relationships, networking and emotional support.

  1. Working in a more structured environment provides less opportunity for distractions to arise making you more likely to be productive in your daily tasks.
  1. Being more productive equals more efficiency in your work that can be created through the energy you receive from interacting with your fellow workers. In a shared workspace where everyone is busy with their own passion projects, you will feel the thrill and hustle that will motivate you to make your own business successful.

  1. Working alone or for someone else can feel suffocating and lonely. Interaction in a work environment is a crucial part of a healthy work life balance. So by working in a shared working space, you’re surrounding yourself with like minded individuals that have chosen an independent lifestyle that matches yours.
  1. Networking is essential in breaking down the barrier that separates you from people that can potentially help your business. Shared workspaces create a space where people with different skills levels or skill sets can provide you with solutions to problems.
  1. Emotional support from other entrepreneurs will help you overcome your fears and self-doubt, which is essential when running your own business.

Sometimes running your own business is tough and you need to be reminded of how great you’re doing by people who have been where you are, or are struggling with their own hustle.

Freedom to work in a shared workspace such as Stylist Excel comes with competitive daily, weekly and monthly flexible leases for stylists. This provides the freedom to work when you want and as often as you want. The idea is that you run your own business at your own pace with the flexibility you want while having a space you need to get the work done. The salon is equipped with furnished and unfurnished suites, shampoo and drying stations, training and event rooms, private suite salons, daily booth rentals, a waiting area and an office space. The goal of the space is to act as a hub for diversity that is suitable to everyone’s unique situation.

Choose to grow with like minded individuals towards a life that you want for yourself. Stylist Excel is your business, our space.

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