History of Sisterlocks™️ and Sisterlocks™️ Training

If you’ve ever thought about locking your hair, you may have heard of a technique by the name of Sisterlocks™️. Sisterlocks™️ are tiny, versatile, style-able locks that are formed using an interlocking method from root to end, as opposed to using a palm roll or two-strand twisting technique, minimizing damage or stress to the hair follicle. Unlike other traditional locking methods whose history dates centuries back, Sisterlocks™️ is a modern, trademarked technique, developed 25 years ago by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell; a professor, entrepreneur and activist. She has researched African descended cultures and recognizes how deeply hair issues relate to cultural identity. Her company has developed an innovative approach to marketing its natural hair care system to African American women, inviting those who are interested in being self-empowered to embrace a natural hair care system that is self-affirming and beautiful.

Sisterlocks™️ focuses on three areas: hair services, training, and a product and accessories line. Their purpose is to enhance one’s self-image and self-awareness along with an education that offers business opportunities to those who want to become Certified Sisterlocks™️ Consultants. As part of the educational mission, Dr. JoAnne Cornwell has authored two informational books, That Hair Thing and The Sisterlocks Book: A Tapestry of Dreams.  These books are intended to provide information about Sisterlocks™️,  and also to focus attention on the historical and cultural reasons why hair has been an issue among African Americans.  Informational videos are also available on YouTube to assist with learning about the Sisterlocks™️ hair management system.

Training to be a consultant requires a 4-day intensive training class, along with material provided to promote sisterhood and a sense of community responsibility for how the newly acquired skills should be carried out. Once Sisterlocks™️ Consultants are trained, they become part of a national registry where they have access to ongoing training opportunities, receive referrals to help build their clientele and become distributors for the Sisterlocks™️ line of maintenance products.

If you’ve ever considered Sisterlocks™️ for yourself or would like to become a Certified Sisterlocks™️ Consultant and Trainer, the home office of Sisterlocks™️ can provide you with the vital information and material you need to make you Sisterlocks™️ dreams a reality!

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