Stylist Excel forms a partnership with Association of Natural Hair Care Professionals in Atlanta

Stylist Excel is thrilled to form an exclusive partnership with the Association of Natural Hair Care Professionals (ANHC) to help aspiring stylists build, grow, and expand their businesses around a supportive and growing community. ANHC is a the largest professional association established for hair care professionals serving the needs of naturally curly and tightly coiled hair. An ANHC Pro membership helps hair stylists and salon owners grow their businesses by providing them with education and opportunities for increasing their profit, growing their business, and getting more clients.  

Stylist Excel is a shared studio space and teaching hub located in Atlanta, GA, featuring classes for  Sisterlocks™️and other hair care techniques. Stylist Excel is on a mission to support and encourage aspiring stylists in Atlanta and elsewhere, to grow their businesses by providing flexible studio space solutions. Both ANHC and Stylist Excel share the same vision of educating aspiring stylists, embracing natural beauty, and building a supportive community.

This partnership adds value to members of both organizations and allows for members with similar business interests and passions to collaborate and grow together.

For ANHC members,:

A Stylist Excel Membership will be offered at $100/month with 10 rental hours (no roll over).  Rentals can be for any of the three spaces.

  • Salon Suite with shampoo bowl for private clients
  • Business Center for one on one meetings or solitary office work
  • Classroom for classes, workshops, or larger meetings

Meeting spaces are booked on a first come first serve basis. During regular business hours spaces that have not been booked are available for use by all members. The classroom space requires an access code for entry and serves as a members only co-working space when it is not booked.

ANHC Professional Membership for Stylist Excel Members, Tenants, and/or Referrals


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Joint Membership for Stylist Excel and ANHC Pro Executive Membership


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